I thought I would take the opportunity to share a recent experience through this blog. My friend Rick is a seasoned athelete who knows how to take care of himself right and keep in top shape. Rick eats healthy and keeps to a strict work out regimen and generaly seems to always have a positive attitude towards life in general. Recently however, Rick was injured in a serious car accident and as a result he suffered a badly broken leg that will take weeks or maybe even months to properly heal. Now until his leg has healed, Rick is facing a situation that he has never had to deal with before: life with a physical disability. All his life Rick has been one to push his limits and go the distance, now he cannot even make it up the staircase of his home without great difficulty. The problem of his reduced mobility is about to be lessened however, because Rick is following up on a suggestion I made to consider the temporary rental of a standing stair lift for his home. A standing stair lift is better suited for someone with little or no ability to bend their leg into a sitting positon – such as someone in a leg cast. Once this standing lift is installed, Rick will be able to get up and down his stairs with ease while in recovery and because it is only arental, there will be none of the higher stair lift costs to deal with that you would get when making a permanent purchase.

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